The Awakened Radio Network Family is delighted to announce we are creating a new magazine!

Thrive  Evolutionary Consciousness. 

We are ready to move the Awakened Radio Network Family into a new experience.  The magazine will help us to reach more people with our messages of personal empowerment, Conscious living, and 

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Writing for us is easy. The article need only inform, inspire & motivate!    If you would like to send in an article for review send it to my Email. Click Here to Email me.  Please put magazine or article in the subject line. 

Write about what you know.  Our readers, like our radio station listeners, are interested in HOW TO live empowered lives.  Focus on more than just repeating the ideas we've all heard for years.  Share your personal experience in applying these ideas.  Share information that gives people the tools needed for Applied Spirituality, so they, as Consciousness, will Thrive. 

Thrive; Evolutionary Consciousness is all about helping people to remember Who They Really Are & create experiences they really want to have.  We are about On Purpose Creating.  

Articles can be on spirituality, activism, world events.. just about anything that brings the energy of empowerment & solutions to problems to the readers.  If you are involved in something news worthy.. let me know about it.  I will include articles that promote actions being taken to inform & empower people on many topics.  

Thrive, Evolutionary Consciousness Magazine is not a fluff n puff type of magazine that just rehashes old ideas and intellectual spirituality.  We are interested in applied wisdom, people & ideas that are actually helping to create on purpose lives around the world.  

Articles should be 700 - 1500 words.  Double space between paragraphs. 

I will include a small inspiration corner of the magazine for brief inspired thoughts of 300-500 words. 

Poetry is also accepted as well as artwork. 

All articles must be in English.  Also please edit your article before submitting.  Use spell check as we don't have an editor full time to rewrite articles.  When sending photos please use jpg and resize them to a size that doesn't require loads of extra work to get them usable for the magazine. 

Our energy exchange with you for contributing to the magazine is promotion of your website on your article or artwork. Please include a small picture of yourself, and ONE website name, one line description & URL for me to include in the article. 

 All submissions must be in by the 15th of each month to be included in the next edition.  Any that come in after the 15th will be held for another edition.  You are agreeing to Thrive: Evolutionary Consciousness publishing your submission and to our TOS as described on this page when you submit.  Please submit NEW articles that have not been published elsewhere.  Also please do not publish the article/artwork you submit to Thrive until at least 6 weeks after we've published that edition. 

What ever your expertise is, as long as it informs, inspires and motivates people to make changes in their own lives and the world, there's a very good chance it will be used.  

I've set up a newsletter which you can subscribe to below, it will be sent out monthly informing you of any promotions, contests, changes.  Use the little social app to communicate with the Thrive Group on Facebook.  It posts directly to our group.