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 Welcome to Empowered Women.. Wealth Consciousness Coaching.. made real.  Each Wednesday at 2 PM Central, 3 PM Eastern.. I'll walk you through some powerful steps to change your life by changing your inner programming that's keeping you from Living Large & Empowered. I'll give you tips, insights, make it real exercises that if you apply them.. will change you from the inside out.  Money is important, we all know that.  No matter what is going on around us, the messages of lack don't have to affect our lives.  We CAN create intentionally what we want to experience.  I so want to propel you forward to your success that I'm giving away what I want most.. free coaching on the air.  I know that my Wealth Consciousness 45 day intensive course works.. it's like the Law of Attraction & Thrive Energy Principles on Speed.. helping you to change anything that's been holding you back, and because I want clients to work one on one with me.. I'm giving away these teachings live each week on my Empowered Women Radio show.  Listen in, call, be in the chat room.. write down and then APPLY what I share with you.  After a short time you will have enough experiences under your belt to PROVE to you that the Invisible is always working for you.  The real secret, the key, is to learn how to hold the reins of the energy and guide it in the direction you want to experience.  Ok.. I've done my part.. it's YOUR TURN.  Join me & discover YOUR Greatness.. and be Wealth Conscious for Success! 

You are invited to join my Success TEAM!  Be part of a group of people working together to live the success lifestyle.  Let the struggle cease as you move into a more exciting and easier way to create and experience.  You've worked really hard, read books, taken it's time to actually live that information as applied Wisdom. 

My Best Friend EVER Mrs. Alma Latini told me over 30 years ago that intellect is how easily a person learns, how much knowledge, information they can acquire.  Knowledge is that stored information.  All that is good.  BUT what we really want is WISDOM.  Wisdom is where we actually apply what we know so that it enhances our lives and makes them better.  Mrs. Latini has passed on, but I still live what she taught me so many years ago.  Wisdom is what we want, wisdom is what changes our lives.  I know that you are tired and weary of all the struggle.  I was too.  I discovered how to take the fear and use it as fuel for success.  That's what I will teach you each week on the radio show.  To join me is easy.  You just have to show up, listen and apply. 

If you are ready to really be a team member.. you can purchase my books, apply the knowledge, do the exercises give copies for friends, invite them to join us here each week.  Use YOUR social networks to share the links to the books and the chat room so everyone can be part.  You have  choice.  Stay in fear and out of your success lifestyle OR learn how to live successfully.  I'm doing my part.. it's YOUR turn.  You have to make a choice.  Make the choice to live successful right now. 

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We are shifting gears a bit with this show.  Watch the video & read post in blog section to find out how Free Master Mind Coaching is now the only Theme of this show.  Each broadcast invites you to chat & call in to share your trials and triumphs with the Success Lifestyle coaching I'm offering on the air. 

Making it Happen Again and Again

Posted by Donna Devane on Friday, March 7, 2014 Under: Discover Your Greatness

I love radio.  Honestly I love it.  Sharing with others, making new friends and hearing from people all around the world who feel part of our Awakened Radio Family.  It's amazing how this works, how easily we come together and support one another.  We are setting an example of how we change the world right here on this station.  

Just the other day I got a call from a young man in France who just wanted to let me know he listens and what we are doing matters to him.  That's delightful.  Three years ago I just had a dream.  That's all.  A dream with no physical aspects at all.  It was a bunch of thoughts, ideas, and feelings moving inside me wanting to be expressed and experienced. 

With the help and support of a few folks it became a physical reality and here we are today reaching around the world with our message of personal power to create consciously.  Now I'm putting together a book with people who three years ago had never even heard of me.  Do you see how easy it is to create?  I know it doesn't always feel easy, but it is.  As we get more comfortable expressing our desires to experience and invite others into a shared space, things begin to take form.

The power of agreement is awesome energy that pulls molecules together quickly and easily forming what we call stuff and experiences.  Thank YOU for being part of the energy that's creating the expansion of Awakened Radio Network.  You are very important to me and all the hosts and listeners here.

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