Thrive: Evolutionary Consciousness Magazine practices the Thrive Energy Principles.  We live these practices to uplift All Life Everywhere.  Our magazine, like the Awakened Radio Network builds on the foundation that co-creating we can life Divine Humanity into the Higher Expression that we came here to experience.  Our mission is simple.  We exchange energy in a manner that provides success for all.  When we understand & live these principles everyone, rather than just a few, enjoy abundance & success.  We bring the message that there is no reason to fight, struggle & be miserable. We CAN live healthy, happy & enjoy well being in all areas of life experience. 

To this end we offer an energy exchange with others who share our passion to empower the people of the world and thereby uplift the expression of life.  Advertising in Thrive: Evolutionary Consciousness supports our work & helps you, the advertiser be successful at the same time.  

We offer several ways for you to share your book, business, coaching, passion with our global audience.  

Thrive Evolutionary Consciousness Ads

If you would like to speak with our advertising department please email Zoe DeVane  

 The Awakened Radio Network & Thrive: Evolutionary Consciousness live the principles of Thrival.  Our magazine, like our radio broadcasts is free for listeners and readers, they reach a global audience, and go through the social networks due to the dedication of all our hosts and staff.  Our listeners even get in on the sharing to make sure as many people as possible hear us & read us.  This works to your benefit as well as ours.   Because we are people powered  we are totally free to reach as far & wide as the world itself.  We are open to helping businesses that inspire, inform & motivate.  Our magazine is filled with messages from people far and wide who are living the principles they speak and write about.  Partnering with us gives your business the family touch, real people endorsing your book, coaching, business, product or service.  If you would like to be part of what we are doing, look through the options below.  The graphic shown only an example, it doesn't show actual size.  Please note: our prices are subject to change.  If you are interested in advertising with us for 3 months or more contact our advertising department so we can work out the details for you.  This is the best way to assure a lock in the price for the period of time you purchase advertising.  We also have the option of embedding a video into the magazine.  If you are interested in this option please email our advertising director Zoe DeVane

Business Card Small Advertisement

$ 25.00 USD

This is our business card size ad.  If you already have a graphic I'll use it.  If needed, I'll create you one with background color and 4 lines of information.

The graphic will by hyper-linked to your website so that when it's clicked viewers will be directed to your website.  The fourth line doesn't have to be the url.


Medium Advertisement

$ 50.00 USD

Our medium ad is 300x300 or about double the width of the business card.  You can have more lines or larger text on this option.  It will be hyper-linked to your website.  We can use a graphic you already have or create one for you. 


Half Page Advertisement

$ 75.00 USD

Our half page ad gives you more room to share more deeply about your book, product, service or business.  Our magazine is 595x841, so your ad will be half that or about four business cards.  We can use your own graphics or create one for you. 


Full Page Advertisement

$ 150.00 USD

A full page ad gives you a whole page, 595x841 to include graphics, descriptions and loads of information about your product, service or business.  It will be hyper-linked to your website.  We can work with your own graphic or create one for you based.