I've written the book, made the videos, taught it on my radio shows.. NOW you can get the details of how The Barefoot Guru lives the Success Lifestyle from her in a small, intimate classroom.   I'll guide you through the workbook, get you started on changing those outdated ideas that keep you stuck so you are propelled into a Brand New Way of Knowing Who You Are and creating from that place.  No more hoping and wishing, this is all about doing and experiencing.  No more waiting for your dreams to come true.  Create the exactly the way you want to live them. 

It's easy once you get down the basics.  Open your heart and mind to a new way of being, that include doing so that you can live the life you dream of.  Pay attention to the page that shows up after payment, it directs you to the page to download class materials. Class is filled ... Thank you

I'll put together another class for you soon.. so stay Tuned!!

This class takes place November 18th at 7 PM Central time right here on the Awakened Radio Network.  I provide you with a pdf copy of my book, plus additional study material.  Please read through the book and study material before class so you will get more out of the 1- 1/2 hours we spend together. 

Upon payment you will be directed to a page where you can download a copy of How To Stay Motivated For Success, plus other study materials and guidelines.  I will also provide a private chat room with live audio stream for the class.  Classes are small so we can really get to know each other in an intimate coaching setting.  

"There is no going back now.  You are totally enjoying this new way of living and realizing that you can have any experience you desire.  You've learned how to work with the Invisible to bring you what you want.  Take a few moments to do the dance of joy and celebrate" pg 36 "How To Stay Motivated For Success", by Donna DeVane  

This is what's in store for you, a brand new practical way to change your life that actually works.  No hype, just real how to wisdom that works when you practice it daily.  Once you have the book and have taken the class, join me each Wednesday for Wealth Consciousness where I continue teaching these Thrival Principles.  I really, really want you to live the success lifestyle.  You can.  It's not hard at all once you learn how.  There is nothing hidden or withheld from you.  I will give you all the tools you need to get started and stay the life style of success, freedom and joy.  

If you are ready, really ready to live success, click the Paypal button and let's go.  Be sure to share this page with your friends.  Don't share the download or class link.  I'll know if you do.. :)   What you put into action always returns.. so let's put some Thrival Energy into motion and make some incredible waves to ride.