The Barefoot Guru

Knowing that everything outside of you, all experiences are just your creative powers showing up so you can experience them, provides you the opportunity to look behind those things for the real desires you want to have.  Most people get stuck right here.  Beliefs are sticking points.  They keep you locked into that same place over & over again.  Now you have the option of leveling up to a new "belief" or doing away with beliefs entirely.  My joy is helping you to move into the experience of yourself as Consciousness.  It's time to jump with both feet into the "creative playground" and express yourself with full knowing as Creator Energy.  You are invited to join me & experience the real you, rather than all the masks of beliefs you have up till now experienced.   


Justin Elledge

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What is Medical Intuition?During a session, my Medical Intuition becomes a portal to an inner vision or "Second Sight".  The images that appear to me are of distinct issues inside the human body. These mental images can be of many different things. They can be that of an old injury, toxic metals, a weak organ, or even hidden traumas from childhood.If you are ready to heal and willing to do the work on many levels, come with an open mind and heart to an intuitive with great compassion and reverence for the human journey.