Women Have Lost Their Minds

Posted by Donna Devane on Thursday, January 25, 2018 Under: Awakened Life
I was listening to the Richie Allen show about The Presidents Club and how women are whining and playing victim, once again, due to a situation they placed themselves in.  Let's lay this out.  Young women are invited to work a fundraiser with only rich men.  They are told to dress in a provocative manner, even down to the type of underwear they are to put on.  They are also told to have a drink to get in the mood.  

If this was told to me when seeing about a job I would get it.. You are being hired not as a "hostess" but as a call girl, a prostitute.  I know some will get their panties in a tangle over this and that's ok with me. I will not practice political correctness in the overwhelming contagion of insanity that seems to have infected so many women in the US and UK.  We need some straight talk on these issues.

One.. Women.. GROW UP!  Take some responsibility for your own life and choices.  Think things through.  If you are invited to play with a group on men and told to dress like high class whores expect that is how you will be treated.  It's reported that several of the women had played "hostess" numerous times at this affair.  Now they whine & complain at being groped and invited to "go upstairs".  Come on women.  Our grandmothers worked hard so that we can protect ourselves from abuse, to be able to inherit, to own property, to vote.  Are we going to thumb our noses at that and play the victim?

I will not!  I am not a victim, never have been.  I make choices based on the best information I have at the moment & deal with the consequences.  I take responsibility for MY LIFE! 

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