Who Benefits from Wars, Fear, Politics, Religion? Order out of Chaos

Posted by Donna Devane on Monday, March 6, 2017 Under: Awakened Life
Who Benefits from Wars, Fear, Politics, Religion? Order out of Chaos! How brain washed and brain trained are you? Do you just go along to get along or risk it to think outside the box? Fear keeps most conforming and not asking the big questions about who benefits. Why is the United States bombing and droning in so many places? Why does Trump need to build up our military? Who will we bomb next? Do corporations and neocons run the country? The World? Do we need to change our minds about how things work and stop going along with what we've all been trained since childhood to think, believe and do? It's time for humanity to rise up and throw away the chains of mind slavery that keeps the rich and powerful in office and in control. Let's go into the silence and heal ourselves so that we can be the solution. We can.. but will we? Will civilization come to ruin if we don't wake up in time? The clock is ticking! Get your Happy on! Discover the power within you to create with happiness! Http://www.BeLiveHappy.com Discover YOUR power to heal & experience Abundance! New self healing online course. http://bit.ly/JourneyToHealing It's all about life. Your life, your dreams, your beliefs. Change is a bit unsettling.. BUT without the unsettling part nothing is ever different. If you want to be happy, have new relationships, get a better job, something that already is has to be released in order for you to experience anything different. Donna DeVane, The Barefoot Guru discusses easy ways to transition through the changes in your life so you can live your dreams and enjoy prosperity. Donna DeVane, The Barefoot Guru, author of "A Journey Back To Self", "How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset World" & several other books, teacher, mentor & live talk radio host at Awakened Radio Network encourages you to step into the motion of the change you want to see. All around us we see the reflection of our co-creations. Now we are asked to go within and tweak what we project and create into the vision of that which we say we want to experience. Get informed, inspired and motivated to live life out loud! Join Donna DeVane in the live chat room or call in by visiting http://www.AwakenedRadio.net Discover who Donna is and how to work with here http://ShiftMyBeliefs.com For information on coaching with Donna visit http://www.ConsciousnessPower.com Look for Donna's books on Amazon, ITunes, Barnes & Nobles & Audible search for Donna DeVane @RealDonnaDeVane @AwakenedRadio on Twitter

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