What About Illegal Immigrants?

Posted by Donna Devane on Monday, June 25, 2018 Under: Awakened Life

I did a Facebook video on this topic and asked some hard questions.  Please understand that asking questions IS NOT agreeing with what's happening, it's looking for answers to huge problems we face here in America.  I am shocked by the anger, personal attacks and fear being posted on Facebook and Twitter.  I am shocked by people I've known for years who have called me and others names, no conversation.. just personal attack after attack all without listening or talking about what is actually happening.

We have some very hard questions to answer her and around the world.  Why type of social system do we actually want, how are we going to accomplish changes?  Arguing will not solve our problems any more than name calling will.  I have to laugh when watching "news" from both camps.  They both tell you how you should be feeling.  The left works on the emotions of empathy for the children and parents while the right uses fear and anger.

When will we realize it's all the same game and we are not intended to win it?  In order to win we must play a different game that actually benefits we the people, not the government and corporate interests and we can only do this by working together.   It's time for identity politics to DIE!

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