Wars Abortions Trans Women Distractions! Oh My!

Posted by Donna Devane on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 Under: Awakened Life
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I recently recorded audio about this topic, see link above to give it a listen.  

I am amazed at how divided we are as a nation right now.  Even those who say they are all about freedom are applauding the censorship and denial of rights and freedom of those they don't agree with.  What kind of freedom is that?  Honestly it reminds me of the religious rule of the middle ages.  You are free as long as you agree with what you're told and don't ask questions or go against the mainstream.  

I have to laugh when those who support the rights of the TransWomen group talk about freedom and then work to pass laws that could result in fines and imprisonment of those who don't agree that a person born with a penis and still having a penis, is a woman. Personally I don't care how you identify, just don't force me to be complicate in your delusion. 

Now we are threatening Iran, sounds like the old song & dance before the "shock & awe" of Iraq doesn't it?  Supposedly if you believe in freedom you are supposed to support the murder of people in other countries so that oil and other natural resources can be in the hands of "Corporatism" to assure that the wealth stays in the control of the super rich.  I don't know about you but killing people and taking their land and resources sounds the opposite of freedom. 

What about abortions?  Shouldn't we stick our noses in the lives of women and tell them what to do?  Isn't this freedom? NO! It's not, it's control.  It's not about protecting life or we would have no hungry, homeless children in America.  It's CONTROL!  If people actually cared about children and life we wouldn't have so many folks in prison for non-violent crimes. If prisons didn't make so much money I wonder if we'd have so many and if they'd be so full?  I doubt it. 

We are distracted purposely so that we don't start putting the puzzle pieces together and get the whole picture.  If we did that we'd exclaim in a loud voice NO!!! Stop!!  The "self appointed powers that be" know that, thus the constant attack on our emotions.  

It's time to take our emotions, our minds, thoughts & beliefs back!  We need to start again.  I've been suggesting, writing, talking, teaching for years that once we start looking at our beliefs honestly, we see that we didn't come up with them.  We just adopted what others told us was right and true.  I've written several books and done thousands of video & audio on this topic.  I urge you, I beseech you to move into a quite space and look honestly at what you believe and why.  I know it's frightening, but unless & until we weed out all these beliefs we will change nothing, not our lives or our world.

Do it today! 

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