Time for May Flowers

Posted by Donna Devane on Monday, May 11, 2015 Under: Awakened Life
April brought a lot of rain and here in the south we say April Showers Bring May Flowers.. 
It's a wonderful way to enjoy the many days of rain we get each spring.  We know that all that rain brings about an abundance of flowers and vegetables throughout our long, hot summer.

What do that have to do with your every life?  LOADS!
Whatever is going on in your life right now is watering the seeds of the next set of experiences lining up for you.  Make sure that those thoughts, feelings, actions are the exact energy of the desired experiences.

Mastering our life is about paying attention.  It's a day long, day after day thing.  It's not enough to spend just a few minutes each day thinking and feeling good.. what are you filling the rest of the day up with?

Pay attention to what's going on with you throughout the day.  Check in with yourself by asking, "what am I thinking, how do I feel, is this really what I want"?  Those questions, answered honestly, will help you stay Master of YOUR life!

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