Submitting to Our Own Slavery

Posted by Donna Devane on Thursday, May 17, 2018 Under: Awakened Life

We are all slaves!  That's not a comfortable statement at all.  Many of you are saying to yourselves, "no, Donna, that's not true."  But it is true.  We have all been conditioned to be slaves, to even participate in our selection of our Masters.  We vote for them and defend them even when it's obvious they lied and don't have our best interests at heart.  We make excuses for them and their banks and corporations even as we are hung out to dry for the billions we "owe" to bail out those that are "too big to fail".  We send our sons & daughters to fight their war, to murder and be murdered for their increase in natural resources which we then purchase at top dollar from them.

This is complete insanity, yet most fail to pay it much heed.  Most humans are too caught up in the beliefs which dictate their actions or reactions, to life to notice.  Get up, rush to work, do a job you don't love to make money to pay for things you barely have the time to enjoy.  Rushing and stressing then lead to dis-ease so you head to a doctor who prescribes a pill that leads to even more pills and more dis-ease.  One day you get old enough to retire and pray you have enough built up in the system to cover your head and fill your stomach in some form of comfortable fashion.  

We not only like this way our whole lives but we brain wash our children to do the same thing after us.  We spend our lives believing what we've been told to believe, doing what we are told we are supposed to do.  We react to anyone who thinks differently, willing to get angry or even violent over differences in opinion about politics or religion. 

A few humans start to wake up a bit but refuse to take the steps that would change lives.  We are totally bought in to being governed, to things being the way they are.  We may see that things don't seem fair or right, but we only struggle to change what already is rather than going within and changing SELF.  This is the only answer.  Each of us is the answer.  We are the only power, each one of us.  

It takes courage to be responsible for one's own thoughts, beliefs and actions.  To step outside the box of "normal" and reach into realms yet unseen and seemingly untouchable, but this is what each of us must do to change any thing.  We must start by getting clear about who we are.  Over the many years of working with people, the first question I ask is " Who are You?"  Who do you say you are?  I always get the same answers.  

So let me ask you, Who are you?  Use the comment section to answer.  I'd love to get some new answers.. Stay tuned.. I'll follow up on this topic soon.

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