Reasons People Don't like Trump

Posted by Donna Devane on Friday, February 9, 2018 Under: Awakened Life

I love reading people's posts about the President.  I get tickled several times a day with all the reasons people seem to dislike him.  Let's talk about a few of these reasons today. 
His hair, he might be partially bald.
He's white thus he must be a racist.
He's rich.
He's in league with Putin & Russia.
His wife & her family are immigrants. 
He's a narcissist.

There are many more reasons but I think these suffice to make my point.  Are any of these really important?  Why are Americans getting and staying caught up in this circus and refusing to look at what REALLY matters? 
He wants to spend billions building a wall when we have homeless who are hungry, sick and freezing across our nation.  We have children who go to bed hungry each night.  Our education system is in a mess. 

Rather than getting us out of the Middle East he sends more troops and blows up more people.  I think we could discuss this and how the trillions spent on WAR could be better used here at home. He threatens nations that don't agree with him through the United Nations.  We'll cut off your welfare if you don't vote our way.. and we'll remember how you proved yourself not to be our ally when you need help. 

Oh, let us not forget those delightful tax cuts that give a few people a grand extra and fizzles out in a few years while big business get billions that never end.  We could talk about that.  Or we might discuss his desire to have our military strut down the road showing the world that the Empire on the Move is ready to blow the crap out of any one who gets in the way of the Empire.

We could even discuss vaccines and how dangerous they are and remind him of his promise to do something about them.  Or we could suggest to him that fracking, geo-engineering, GMO food, drilling for oil in sacred places needs to stop.  There are quite a few conversations we could have that perhaps we could come together on and maybe, just maybe find a solution or two for.  But please.. let's talk about his hair, his golf trips, who he slept with etc. etc. 

WAKE UP People.  It's the system that's corrupt and no man or woman in the White House will save you. 

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