Pulling the Plug on Smart Meters

Posted by Donna Devane on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 Under: Awakened Life
Smart meters are being pulled from 36,000 homes in rural Ontario, with plans to remove up to 88,000..  Further information on health hazards have been reported in North America as well as reports that the meters don't work, are used to monitor  those inside the home and perhaps even share your information with others. 
Over charging has been a huge complaint from those whose homes have the wireless systems.  Another problems seems to be fires caused by the meters.  
Now all that is shocking and definitely needs to been answered, BUT and it's a big BUT.. why are meters that provide surveillance being used on residences to start with? This is not an issue only in Ontario, but in the United States too.  These meters were installed without providing statements that our homes could be "listened to" and reports made to third parties.  

What are our options?  Solar? A 1971
de-classified US Army briefing actually calls for the
 secretization of solar technology which has greater than 20% efficiency (see page 14).  it’s in the name of national security and property interests.

Meanwhile, the energy mafia in Nevada just decreed a 40% fee hike for solar-producing customers, while reducing the amount paid for excess power sold to the grid, effectively killing the solar industry there.

There are options, solutions, but due to greed the energy war continues to spy on us, over charge and perhaps even make us sick.  We need to come together and demand, clean, safe, fairly priced utilities.  If these are "public utilities", then we must insist that they be treated as such. 

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