Political Correctness Reverse Racism or Insanity?

Posted by Donna Devane on Sunday, April 22, 2018 Under: Awakened Life
Let's set the stage.  Two black guys walk into a Starbucks.  They don't buy coffee.  They ask for the code to use the restroom.  They are informed of the rules.  Only paying customers are given the code.  Make a purchase & you'll get the code.  No, they don't want to buy, they want to hang out & while hanging out, they want to go potty.
They are asked to leave. NO! They will not leave, they will not purchase.  So the cops are called.  The cops tell inform them that they are now trespassing and ask them to leave. NO!  They will not leave.  They are asked three times but NO! they don't want to leave, they don't want to buy, they want to be YouTube Famous! 

Now they are famous.  Famous for NOT leaving when informed that they must be a customer or leave.  This is what this country has come to and it's sick.  Starbucks will close all stores for a day to teach people (white folks), how to be more sensitive to non white folks!  Insanity! 

First Tony Robbins caves now the CEO of Starbucks.  I will NOT cave.  Everything that happens to people of color is NOT the result of white people being racists!  A lot of the time it's due to those people of color making choices that put them on the side of breaking the law.  

By the way, Starbucks refused to give the code a while back to a COP, because he wasn't a paying customer!  Have we as a nation gone completely crazy?  Are we really going to play the game and continue to see all people of color as victims to all those horrible, can't help themselves, white racists?  

I'm not saying that racism doesn't exist.  It does, in all cultures.  But as a Southern Girl.. I tell you, it's NOT a big problem down here.  We are being played against one another, keeping us busy fighting so we don't notice what's in our food, water, what's being sprayed in our skies and how much money is being spent bombing the crap out of people in countries who haven't done a danged thing to us. 

WAKE up Folks of All Color!  We are all human beings and we must stop playing this stupid game where none of us ever wins! 

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Here is a great video by a Person of Color on this topic!  

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