Nuts for Nutella in France Crazy Folks Round the World

Posted by Donna Devane on Sunday, January 28, 2018 Under: Awakened Life

WOW, just wow.  How crazy will humans get?  Not only do we have Black Friday riots in the US, now people riot over a jar of Nutella in France.  Is this normal behavior or normalized behavior?  Perhaps it's time for all of us to just stop, take a few deep breaths and tune in to how programmed we have become.  We are "triggered" & fall apart at the seams over the least little thing.  People go nuts over politicians, movies stars and gossip.  What about the big picture?  When do we stop paying attention to and giving our energy to these little distractions and begin asking what is actually being done and how it affects each of us and life on this planet?

Just last night a lady on Facebook posted about a mother suing because Islam was being taught to her child in a public school.  I commented that I wouldn't want ANY religion taught to my child in public school.  We have private religious schools for that.  A debate ensued at how open minded we should be to let children learn about Islam.  I personally don't care if people want to teach their children about religion, BUT we do have separation of Church and State here for good reasons. That is the core issue.  

Freedom of speech is another core issue.  It is supposed to mean that people get to express themselves whether they are agreed with or not.  Yet, I often see personal attacks and name calling due only to a difference of opinion.  How sad that Americans are so easily triggered to anger and ugly behavior.  Then we have women protesting about women's rights with only tassels covering their nipples.. while they scream I am NOT a sex Object.  It's too bizarre. 

Let's not leave out another school shooting where a person is put on mind altering drugs and goes nuts and starts shooting people.  The issue is not whether Americans should have guns, it's about what is causing so much violence and do these drugs have anything to do with the new insanity.. Why aren't we investigating that?  Media is leading us down the road of division, right vs. left, when there is no difference between the parties.  We are being "brain trained", programmed, to go insane over the least little thing.  It's time to wake up, smell the coffee and reclaim our sanity!

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