New Year New Life Making Real Changes

Posted by Donna Devane on Saturday, January 2, 2016 Under: Awakened Life
It's 2016 & many make resolutions to make great changes.  At first it's very exciting but after a few weeks or months it starts feeling hard and before long you are right back to the same old life.  It happens over and over again.  We really want different but just don't seem to be able to do different.

It's those thoughts dang it!  Yep, those thoughts keep you in the same energy which creates repeat experiences.  In order to change the outside the inside is what must be changed.  It takes practice to master your thoughts.  Most of the time, around 95% of the time you are not even aware of what you are thinking into form.  The thoughts going on in your head don't even support the life you dream of, at least 70% are in conflict with what you say you want.

Don't despair though.  You can take a few simple steps to help you think more on purpose.  Pause many times during the day and ask what you are feeling.  Now ask yourself what you've been thinking.  Don't struggle with it, let it be a treasure hunt in your mind.  Notice the thoughts and feelings reflect one another. 

Now start a stream of thinking that moves into imagination of what you DO WANT!
Keep doing that!

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