Mob Rule is Pure Insanity!

Posted by Donna Devane on Saturday, October 6, 2018 Under: Awakened Life

I love this picture.  A friend of the station made it for me a few years ago to post on a fund raising page.  I found it today & thought it perfect for my blog post.  See how perfect I am?  I know what everyone should think, feel, say and do.  I am the one who instructs the world on what's right & good and moral.  Just believe me and it will all be OK!

I've never seen such madness & am amazed daily at the massive insanity passing for reason.  Folks are butt hurt over the least little thing.  We now need to know all the possible genders folks can identify as and use the correct pronoun or we are condemned as horrible people.  If we don't condemn people over accusations, just believe her, we are outcasts, if we don't accept how racists we are without even knowing it due to our white privilege, we are indeed the worst kind of racists. 

Who came up with the idea that a mob of folks gets to tell all of us what we can say, think, do or believe?  Have you ever wondered about that?  It's been a big question with me since childhood.  Why do some get to make laws and rules dictating the personal actions of others? Centuries ago The Church Ruled and now it's morphed into the law of the land.  With the scattering of the religious and many falling away from that line of crap, it's just gone into political correctness & we are falling for it again.

Here is my take on how simple and easy life can be.
Do what you want.  Do not inflict your personal likes or dislikes on others against their will.  What consenting adults do is no ones business.  Don't steal from, or hurt others without permission.  See how easy that is?  Today speech & thought are being shut down in the guise of being politically correct and caring about the feelings of others.  Other peoples feelings about what I think, feel, say, do or believe are not the business of others.  If you don't like me, then go away!  It's really just that simple.  If you don't like what I say then don't listen to me.  BUT don't try to shut me down because you are identifying as a victim of everyone and everything.  

What happened that people started competing to see who is the biggest victim?  Why are folks playing this crazy game?  We've all been through stuff and will continue to experience unpleasant things.  It's called being human and living.  It may already be too late to change this back to sense, but in case it isn't, if you are playing this game.. JUST STOP!  Grow up.. wake up.. get a life.  Get Real!  Accept that every day you make choices that lead to consequences.  If you don't like them, make different choices tomorrow.  Stop living in the past.  GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY... stop going back hundreds of years to find something to be butt hurt about.  

We are all changing, conforming to a new way of being humans.  With geo-engineering, smart dust, AI, big pharma, food that isn't food, we are all changing biologically.  It's happening whether we admit it or not.  That's the plan.. terra form this planet and life forms into something different.  My hope is that we don't leave being human out of the new experience.  We don't have to forget what it means to be loving, kind, helpful and powerful.. but honestly.. that's what I see happening.  

I'd love to hear your thoughts.. so leave a comment. 

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