Is it OK to Be White? What Gender do you Identify with Today?

Posted by Donna Devane on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 Under: Awakened Life

Insanity abounds! In my 62 years of life I've watched a lot of changes take place, but in the last few months I have been shocked, flabbergasted, by the total amount of crazy covering our county and Europe. I'm supposed to feel guilty about being born with light skin because some of my ancestors long ago might have been mean folks who had slaves.  I am supposed to accept that due to the color of my skin I have life easier than others with darker skin.  Bullshit!  There I've cussed in public! 
People can now decide what gender they are on a daily basis, changing from one to another as the mood changes.  Women who say they are men can have babies and claim to be the first man to give birth! Insanity!

If you dare to disagree with someone you are dubbed a fascist or Nazi just because you disagree. If you are white you need to accept that you are a racist simply because of the color of your skin.  If you question the "official story" you are a conspiracy theorist and shouldn't be listened to.  If someone accuses another of something horrible you should just believe it and condemn the accused even though there is no evidence. 

Where will all this craziness lead us?  I have an idea that it will be a place not to our liking and one very hard to return from.  We must open our eyes and actually see what's going on.  The brainwashing is dangerous and our children, grandchildren, will end up living in a society where nothing makes sense and they are unaware of their own enslavement.  

Wake up, do it for the children!

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