Interesting Times We Are Living In!

Posted by Donna Devane on Thursday, January 3, 2019 Under: Awakened Life
It's 2019 and WOW things are getting interesting.  As most of you know my YouTube channel was taken down a few months ago for no reason.  Even though I asked for a review several times none was given.  What did I do?  I have no idea.  LOL  It's not about being a conservative or religion or whatever.  What it's really about is the power to shut any of us down at any time without reason or recourse.  

Twitter & Facebook are riding the censorship train too.  I am amazed at how many are being quite for fear of having their accounts closed.  It's like in Germany where it was accepted that files were being kept on every one when in reality only a small percentage of people had files on them.  The fear of the files worked to keep people compliant and easily managed. 

Due to the ease at which people are being shut down I have decided to bring a lot of my ideas here.  I started a new YouTube channel but haven't done much with it yet.  I even went to another platform but it's way too time consuming to build up a new following of people who don't know me.  SO>>>

Here are a few changes you'll notice as we go along.  More posts here with little players where you can listen to my podcasts right here on this website.

I will also be sending out more newsletters this year with audio & video information included. 

TalkShoe, where I've kept all the stations audio for years will be used to broadcast live now and then.  I will also include a live YouTube now and then to see how it goes.  

Thrive magazine is being brought back online to show case articles written by listeners and supporters.  You can find out how to be included by visiting this page. 

I am going to be speaking about topics that might be uncomfortable for some, but go ahead and listen.  It's so important that we not discount an idea simply due to not agreeing with it.  Let's expand and grow this year.. together. 

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