Homeless People Good for Spare Parts?

Posted by Donna Devane on Friday, April 20, 2018 Under: Awakened Life

Homelessness is a growing problem all over the world, and yes, even here in America.  Now not only do the homeless have to be concerned about crime, harassment and where to get food and a bath, but it seems they might be targeted for "organ harvesting" as well.  I've read several articles attesting to thousands going missing, just disappearing from the streets where FEMA folks have been spotted.  It's linked to illegal organ harvesting and transplants around the world and here in the states. In a world where there are just too many useless eaters, and the problem of what to do about the growing homeless situation, it seems a remedy has been found. Finally, a solution to the problem of what to do about all those homeless people has be found! 

Homeless people are good for spare parts. 

 "As she made her case, Scheper-Hughes, a diminutive 60-something with splashes of pink in her short, grayish-brown hair, slid a bulky document across the table—nearly 60 pages of interviews she had conducted with buyers, sellers and brokers in virtually every corner of the world. "People all over were telling me that they didn't have to go to a Third World hospital, but could get the surgery done in New York, Philadelphia or Los Angeles," she says. "At top hospitals, with top surgeons." In interview after interview, former transplant patients had cited the Philadelphia hospital as a good place to go for brokered transplants. Two surgeons in the room had also been named repeatedly. Scheper-Hughes had no idea if those surgeons were aware that some of their patients had bought organs illegally. She had requested the meeting so that she could call the transgression to their attention, just in case."  


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