Changes are opportunities for growth

Posted by Donna Devane on Friday, June 3, 2016 Under: Station News

Life changes, it flows with new thought, hope, fear, anger and reflects what you are saying it is.  The act of redefining yourself redefines your life.  I've spent years talking and writing books about how we change things, why it changes and how it is a reflection of who we say we are and how we say the world is.  I've done thousands of hours of radio and video here on this website.

I'm changing and everything in my life is reflecting that.  One of those reflections is the Awakened Radio Network.  I'm moving into shorter podcasts rather than two hour broadcasts.  I'm doing more video, even live streaming it on my YouTube and Facebook accounts.  As I continue changing my world you will see more changes here.

I invite you to take part by subscribing to my YouTube Channel and joining me on Facebook.  Live video streaming is so cool and allows us to connect in new and exciting ways. 

What are you changing?  Are you excited?  Let me know!
I love you.. love yourself well.. and stay groovy!

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