Censorship is HERE NOW! We must stand together.

Posted by Donna Devane on Saturday, May 12, 2018 Under: Awakened Life

Censorship is not a good thing.  I know, I know, there are people saying things you don't agree with and you don't like.  You may even wish they would stop saying them, BUT the problem with shutting people down is eventually it gets around to shutting YOU down!  
I read recently about an 80 something year old woman in Germany who has been sentenced to two years in jail because she wrote an article on a right wing outlet denying the holocaust.  Personally I don't get how anyone can deny it happened, BUT they have a right to believe that.  I don't understand racism or religious folks trying to force others to believe as they do.  I don't agree with a lot of things people believe and say, BUT I do support their right to believe that way and to speak openly.  
After years of being on YouTube and over a thousand videos uploaded, I have been suspended! ME! For what?  I couldn't get anyone to tell me exactly what I'd done that violated the terms of service, just that I had done so.  I don't cuss or name call people, don't involve myself in hate speech.  I don't promote violence.  I do the opposite of that, I encourage people to come together, to respect and love one another so that we can accomplish some solutions to the many issues we face.

Here is my point about me being suspended.  If it can happen to me.. it can and will happen to you.  It might not happen this week or this month.. but it will happen.  That's the thing about censorship and tyranny.  It feeds on power and never feels it has enough power. We are being trained to sit down, shut up and go along with what we are told is politically correct and it's VERY dangerous.  This is how nations sink into total dictatorship and horrors.  We must stand together now, supporting one another's right to free speech, yes, even for those we don't agree with before none of us can speak or for that matter, think differently from what we are told to think. 

Watch my video, yes, I'm using two different services to host them now.  I don't know how to sit down and shut up.
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