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Posted by Donna Devane on Monday, January 12, 2015 Under: Station News
Happy 2015!!  Happy Happy Every Day!  That's how I start each day.. Happy Happy.. it's a choice and here at Awakened Radio we enjoy sharing our happy with each of you.  You are what makes this station a reality.  Without you there would be no reason for the station to even exist.  We need you.  You keep us in physical form.  So Thank YOU!

This year I would like to interact with you more thus, I've started this blog.  I'll update you on what's happening here at Awakened Radio and give you a space to share with me and the other hosts.  What's on your heart and mind?  Is there a topic you'd like us to discuss?  Type to me baby.. just type to me. LOL :)

As we move forward this year we have new hosts, new shows, I've moved things about some here on the website and have plans for many more changes.  You are key to these things happening.  Your listening, sharing our links, shopping in our store and making financial contributions all add to our expansion and growth. Again.. Thank YOU!

I'd love to interact with you on Twitter too so follow @RealDonnaDeVane and @AwakenedRadio  I do follow back and interact with people.  I love Twitter.. 

I've got a few special offers right now so look around the website and see if something calls to you.  Perhaps you'd like to host your own show or advertise your business here.  We also offer sponsorship where you can pick one show for your book, product or service to be spotlighted on.  I can even arrange an interview with you to help you reach the world with what you do.  

Let's co-create awesome this year, starting today.  How can we create together?  I want to hear from you.

I love you.. love yourself well.
Donna DeVane
The Barefoot Guru

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