April Advertising Special

Posted by Donna Devane on Thursday, April 9, 2015 Under: Station News

Just for April I'm offering a super duper advertising duo special!
You can get a 30 second audio add on my air waves which will be heard around the world for months, years to come PLUS I'll create a Twitter Promotion Champaign just for your book, website, coaching, vape business, product or service!  
Normally each of these is $150.00 a month.. BUT for April and New Clients ONLY.. you get them both for the incredible success creating price of $150.00!.. That's a savings of One Hundred Fifty Dollars!

Why am I doing this?  Simply because Awakened Radio Network is growing and expanding into more marketing help for our listeners.  Our listeners want GREAT products from people they can trust and believe in.  I've spent years building my Twitter accounts and years building this radio station.  

Now it's your turn.  Do you really, really desire Success?  

If so I can and will Help You!  

BUT!!!! You've got to take the first action step!

Visit the page I've created for this limited offer! 
You know you want to.. so go ahead and click


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