Addiction by Prescription Death by Oxycodine

Posted by Donna Devane on Thursday, March 22, 2018 Under: Awakened Life

A lot of emotion is covering this issue today.  It seems that the prescription addiction is real, powerful & deadly!  That's the truth.  It's also true that the Big Pharma hot shots lied about how addictive oxy was and encouraged doctors to prescribe it for folks with chronic pain. These drugs really do help with the pain while creating even more horror.  It takes about 7 days to get addicted and the withdrawal is horrible and hard to beat. 
I personally know a young man who after having his back injured became addicted to his prescription.  Abuse of the drug follows quickly and when oxy can't be found it often leads to street drug abuse.  The young man I know has been in long term treatment and off the drugs for months afterwards, then when the back pain started he was right back on the oxy and whatever else he could get his hands on.  
This battle with pain and drugs has been ongoing for several years.  It's horrible for him and for those who love him.  When you are not addicted it's hard to understand the battle waging inside you all the time.  The battle is real for all concerned.

Now I want to talk about responsibility.  Big Pharma is the first responsible party as they knowingly market, based on lies, the drug.  They represented it as a drug that stopped the pain with no chance of addiction.  They sold this idea to doctors who scribbled it on digital pads for millions of unknowing patients.  Doctors took the word of Big Pharma and aided their patients into a life of hell and horror.

Next responsible are the patients who just believe everything doctors tell them.  I'm not talking about blaming patients, rather I am referring to our ability and duty to self, to research what is prescribed.  There is no excuse for us not doing this.  The internet is available on computers, pads, phones.  Never take anything without researching it first.  Often you can find less damaging treatments than the ones prescribed.  It's your body, your health!  YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! 

In closing I want to ask Trump if he intends seeking the death penalty for drug pushers if he will first go after big pharma?  I doubt they are on his list.  Government will NOT protect you, you must protect yourself with research and common sense.  Please, research, research, research before gulping down that pill.

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