Accusations Equal Guilt in America?

Posted by Donna Devane on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 Under: Awakened Life

Are we going back in time or just going crazy America? We can't take all the heat for the insanity, Europe is going nuts about as much as we are here.  Just accusing someone of something is taken for proof of guilt. I've spoken out numerous times since the #metoo movement began and I will continue to do so until sense takes hold and we realize how this movement is doing NOTHING to stop abuse, it's just a witch hunt on speed.  Stand up and point at the witch!  Watch them Burn as you dance about feeling good about how much of a wonderful activist you are.  When in reality, all you are doing is providing cover for pedophiles, sex traffickers and rapists.  

Don't believe me?  Ask yourself how many of these accused are actually being arrested, tried and convicted?  Sure some are being fired from their jobs, and each time this happens we as a nation go backwards in morals and ethics.  We say we are a nation of law, yet we are acting no different than our ancestors who delighted as "witches" were being burned at the stake. 

I heard yesterday how horrible it is that the statute of limitations runs out for sex abuse and how it protects abusers.  While that might happen it needs to be understood that the reason you can't arrest and try someone for abuse that happened thirty years ago is there is NO evidence!  Evidence is the key.  If you can't produce evidence of guilt how in the world would the accused be able to provide evidence of innocence? Accusations without proof are just accusations, yet due to the fervor of #MeToo and so many wanting to be so open minded that their brains have fallen out and been stomped by the mobs, we have gone backwards in time to a crueler time when pointing a finger and uttering words is enough to ruin a life. 

Understand me, I have no sympathy for those who abuse others, but in order to keep us all safe from ruination, I am in favor or a nation where LAW is the foundation.  I am in support of a system where proof of guilt must be offered in order to protect ALL those who are innocent.  Today what we have is the opposite of that.  

Get out of the mob mentality and think for a moment.  If accusations and pointing fingers is enough, then what is to protect YOU from the accusation and pointed finger in the future? This is the point of a system of law. 

Peace out!

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