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Awakened Radio started like most things do. I had a dream of reaching the world with the story of hope, inspiration and motivation to balance out the fear and worry of so many.  I wanted to help people realize that they are not powerless, that together we can make huge changes in our own lives and in our world.

For three years we have done just that.  Our listeners are all around the globe.  I've heard from people in Russia, Australia, China and of course the USA, UK and Canada plus everywhere in between who have felt the love and hope that we share on our radio broadcasts.

We are THREE years old this month and I invite you to take part in our growth and expansion.  Together we can do powerful and wonderful things.  We've already proven that it can be done with just a dream and a few caring people.

I invite you to be part of the dream and help us to create a bigger platform to encourage and inspire Divine Humanity to live as we were intended.. free and happy!

Thank you!

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Vaping Wayne