Together we are making a difference!  For almost ten years Awakened Radio with Donna DeVane has brought messages of hope, change, success & motivation to people all around the world!  YOU are what has made it possible and what continues making it possible to inspire people all around the world.  When I started Awakened Radio Network I had the dream of a Purple People Powered Radio Station where we all worked together to unite  us as One People!  YOU have made that possible.  

NOW it's time to spread our wings and fly further with our very own Roku Channel!  When I first started Awakened Radio my goal was to reach people all around the world and remind them of how powerful and amazing they are.  Together we can do this.  It's needed now more than ever.  So many are looking for relief from stress, worry, anxiety and health issues and together we can aid one another with real answers, real solutions to today's problems.  I need YOUR help to make this new step possible.  All gifts are appreciated and used to pay for the channel to be built and maintained on Roku.  We can reach millions of people and actually Be The Change we say we want for our world!  

The new TV Channel on Roku will be a custom-branded TV channel distributed to millions of viewers via Connected Television platforms like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and more. This has the potential reach of MILLIONS>>>

We will also have our very own phone app so that viewers of our TV channel as well as radio listeners will be able to interact with each other.  This website, along with our Facebook group will still be available, but new avenues for interaction will be added.  As a Sponsor you will be promoted to our vast global audience using all the tools we have.  As the Awakened Radio & Awakened Life TV Networks grow, you grow with us.  Together.. that's how we do it.  Now is the time.  The world awaits us to voice truth and power so that they feel encouraged and capable of making changes in their lives.  Join Me, Let's Change Our World Together!

Take advantage of this opportunity to have your book, website, product or service shared with the world.  You can be part of this incredible journey and grow with us.  Whether you are an individual who wants to show love and support for this new expansion or a business who would benefit from the exposure, Thank you for your continued support and love.  Without you I couldn't touch the hearts of people in the US, Canada, Russia, Denmark and all around our blue planet.  As we move into another year of broadcasting I want to continue working with those who  support the message of solutions and love by giving kudos to those who give of their money and time to keep Awakened Radio on the air and getting Awakened Life TV on the air.  Your Love Gifts support the message and I want to support you by sharing your websites, links, books, businesses.  You will get a mention on the new Roku channel as well once it goes live. 

I will create a hyperlink here for your website for all, Sponsors and Patrons will also get a logo on our chat or home page Plus the on air promo for your product or service as stated below. 

Please note, I am NOT taking on hosts at present.  If you would like to be considered as a host when I do make that available please email me. 

Patrons of Awakened Radio/Awakened Life TV:

Give $2001.00 & up, receive hyperlink, on air one minute advertising and Twitter promotion for six months.  This is perfect for businesses. 

Station Sponsor: give $500-$2000.00 & receive hyperlink (logo)& on air mention for three months.

Terri Granger

Susan Kern

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Friends of Awakened Radio;  give up to $500.00 in a loving donation and receive a hyper link to your website.

Tori C. 

Dean Gorby