It's amazing to me how the idea of Awakened Radio has grown so much in so little time.  This is what life does.  You plant a seed & when it's nurtured it begins to grow and create an even bigger experience of itself.  Thanks you all your listening, promoting, telling your friends and financial support the Awakened Radio Network is now bringing you the best online talk radio in the World.  What you are witnessing here is Thrival Energy in Action.  As Consciousness creates & co-creates with agreement we easily bring into our experiences those things we desire to interact with.  It really is that simple. Our online community is a real example of conscious living,  Our combined intuition, our desire to heal our own lives & our planet are reaching the world.  Those of you who have purchased from our Awakened Store, made love gifts, shared our links & invited your friends to our Awakened Family are co-creating this reality for all of us.  This is exactly what Donna DeVane had in mind when she began putting the "How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset World" "Thrival Energy Principles' into motion to create the Awakened Radio Network Family.  Thank you.  Please go to the Kudos Page and get your Thank you Award & place it proudly on your blog or website.  I'd appreciate it if you would link it back here to the station website. 

Thank you for being the change

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 Every year Awakened Radio burns through a computer.  We are at that point right now.  If you love what we do, pitch in and donate towards a new computer so that we can stay on the air.  We don't take the BIG Boys money. We are totally supported by our listeners.  I set it up this way intentionally so that all of us can learn by doing how to co-create.  

We all say we don't like the way things are, so I'm giving you an opportunity to do something different that creates a different experience.  Thrival Energy Principles which created & sustain this station & our magazine, only work when we apply them.  Give from your heart.  Make changes with the energy that is money.  Invest in the outcome you want for yourself & the world.  Use the Donate button for a one time gift or the Subscribe button to give a set amount automaticaly each month.