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Supreme Court Puts Congress in it's place?

Posted by Donna Devane on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 Under: Political Insights
Is the Civil Rights Era really over?  The Supreme Court decides in a 5-4 vote to rewrite the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  In a nut shell it means that the Federal Government can no longer force station & jurisdictions who may have a long history of discrimination to get the Feds approval for voting laws.  What does this mean? 

It does get the Feds out of some of the states business which may well be a good thing.  We know that the Federal Government has gotten a bit too big for it britches in the last few years butting their nose in all manner of local business.  Perhaps now states will begin to govern based more on the demands of the residents of their states rather than on Big Government mandates.  I would love to see this move into an area of thought for states who decide that what is in our food, water and air is up to us not the Federal Boys n Girls. 

While I would never endorse any state violating the rights of any individual, my hope is that with this new gutsy move by the Supreme Court, states will move into a new energy of freedom & independence which will make it's way to the citizens of those states.  It's time for all of us to move away from the overbearing rule of the governments, Federal, State & Local.  While we pay them to serve & protect, we should remember what their jobs are and keep them aware of their roles as well.

My personal choices as long as they harm no one else or someone's property is not the business of government.  It's time for us all to experience freedom in a new way.  Move through the fear that's been taught for eons and move into a new experience of Divine Humanity.  We can self govern, we just have to remember that we are that powerful.

I am hopeful that the energy set in motion by this Supreme Court decision will be acted upon by all of us on this planet to encourage us that we answer to self and each other, not kings, governments or tyrants. Be Free 

Read the Washington Times Article

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Tags: supreme court decision  congress  freedom  divine humanity  civil rights  state rights  individual rights 
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