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Be sure to check out my show where not only do I discuss what's going on here in our own nation, but what's happening all over the world and why it matters.

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 Be sure to check out my show where not only do I discuss what's going on here in our own nation, but what's happening all over the world and why it matters.

We can change things.. we have only to start by changing our self. 

Political Insights Reflections of Self is based on solutions for the problems we all see in our world.  From GMO, UFOs, politics, Geo engineering and everything in between, Donna DeVane shares tips, adivce & wisdom on how we do have the power to create differently.  Begin seeing yourself as the solution.  Nothing happens without our consent, our energy.  Each of us is adding to the fear, denial, anger & worry that is being used to create all the situations round the globe that we don't like,  We complain and protest.  It's time for us to do something that will really change things.  It's time for us to CHANGE US!  Only as we stay in fear, worry & stress can these things continue.  Our politicians are literally getting away with the biggest level of corruption; theft & murder, due to our being silent or just being angry.  Let's learn to use our power of agreement to create a new experience for ourselves.  We can do it.. the only question is.. will we????

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The World Did Not End No False Flag at Super Bowl

Posted by Donna Devane on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 Under: Human Consciousness
Fight or flight seems to be the brain training for so many here in America.  Doesn't seem to matter whether things make sense or not we just just through out hoops according to the program that's installed within us.  I'm going to vent just a bit today because honestly I am fed up with hearing how today or tomorrow will be the end of the world and how afraid we should all be.  Even those who say they support change really only support more fear, anger and division.  People are making big bucks making sure that the masses stay in terror so they will continue to tune in keeping ratings high and purchase more storable food, guns, bullets and dig in their own bag yards in case the boogy man shows up.

So many Americans spend more time being afraid of every tree branch moving in the wind that solutions are impossible.  How could we ever come together to solve anything when we are always terrified of the next false flag event, cover up, political lies and other horrors awaiting us right around the corner?  I have to wonder who some of these people actually work for.  If you are making millions of bucks keeping people afraid rather than providing any type of leadership and direction towards solution, are you not indeed a big part of the problem?  Whether they get a paycheck from the very same "illuminate" they purport to be revealing, the end result is the same.  People are not focused on making it better they are focused on trying to survive the coming holocaust and the one after that.

Years ago growing up in the Baptist church I had issues with the fear of eternal damnation being used to get people to come to Jesus and put money in the offering as it was passed.  Churches have been good at using fear to keep people in line forever.  Now that same fear is everywhere.  Even in the "spiritual community" people are afraid of "negativity" as though seeing what is happening is causing it to happen, rather than realizing that the danged FEAR is the cause of it all.

Not only did the world not end during the Super Bowl, unless you were Manning (LOL)  but nothing untoward happened as people spent weeks predicting it would.  Now we are looking towards the Olympics and the world once again should end then.  Are you tired of it yet?  Are you ready to stop living in the fear and move into an expression of just how powerful you are?  I hope so.

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