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 Political Insights asks the question, What's happening, why is it happening & what can I do to make it better?Many over look the implications of politics in their personal lives not realizing that what is done to or for one, affects all. 

Be sure to check out my show where not only do I discuss what's going on here in our own nation, but what's happening all over the world and why it matters.

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 Be sure to check out my show where not only do I discuss what's going on here in our own nation, but what's happening all over the world and why it matters.

We can change things.. we have only to start by changing our self. 

Political Insights Reflections of Self is based on solutions for the problems we all see in our world.  From GMO, UFOs, politics, Geo engineering and everything in between, Donna DeVane shares tips, adivce & wisdom on how we do have the power to create differently.  Begin seeing yourself as the solution.  Nothing happens without our consent, our energy.  Each of us is adding to the fear, denial, anger & worry that is being used to create all the situations round the globe that we don't like,  We complain and protest.  It's time for us to do something that will really change things.  It's time for us to CHANGE US!  Only as we stay in fear, worry & stress can these things continue.  Our politicians are literally getting away with the biggest level of corruption; theft & murder, due to our being silent or just being angry.  Let's learn to use our power of agreement to create a new experience for ourselves.  We can do it.. the only question is.. will we????

Stay up to date with the wonderful and exciting authors & speakers I interview during this broadcast.  It's not always just Donna on the air with Political Insights.  I've already interviewed Rosa Koire, Rosalind Peterson, Bryce Zabel and many more wonderful and insightful men and women who share their understanding of what's going on in our world.  Recently I was totally blissed out to have Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney join me on the air.  In the upcoming months I have some exciting authors lined up on ancient history, spirituality, UFOs and much more.  You never know what The Barefoot Guru and guests will talk about.. so stay tuned.  It's always informative, inspirational, and motivational .. encouraging you to live your most awesome life possible. 

Fear Mongering New Technology

Posted by Donna Devane on Friday, February 28, 2014 Under: Technology

What are you afraid of?  Why are you so afraid?  Are you aware of the BIG Money in fear?  I hear a lot of talk about "alternative" media and how they are so much better than mainstream.  Personally I don't see much difference.  Both are selling big truck loads of FEAR.  Fear sales, that's the truth.  That's why it's used so often.  When you are afraid you buy stuff.  Fear of toxins has created billions in supplements to keep you from dying.  More billions in store-able food in case the zombies attack. Trillions in drugs to keep you from kicking the bucket from dis-ease that mostly the result of the FEAR!

What if all the fear is what keeps this stuff coming at us?  Remember the story of Job?  That which I have most feared has come upon me... deep insights there folks as to how energy works.  What if you and I just started being honest about the fear and make a decision to own it and face it, how would that change things?  What if we just decided to live as empowered Divine Beings and to notice without getting all caught up in what we notice? 

Can you imagine how that would play out?  Of course people would still play the fear game, but not as many.  Over time fewer and fewer would be ruled by fear.  With the reduction of fear you get a reduction of violence and dis-ease.  Want to join me and give it a try? 

Join me in the live chat room and call in.  Let's talk about it. 

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