Radio Hosts

One Month Hosting

$ 250.00 USD

You are agreeing to having read and agreed with all the information provided about hosting your broadcast with Awakened Radio.  If you have further questions please contact the station before payment. 

 Each time you go live with a broadcast,  a promo for the station, which includes your show, will be played. I will help you create this audio for your specific show.  You will be promoted on Twitter and Facebook as well.  When you combine all this promotion with what you do for your own show, you can see how quickly the listener base will build for you.

As station owner and producer I will also run your show from the background, bringing up the breaks and helping things to go smoothly.  Using Skype, listeners will be able to call in and take part in your show, providing more interest to all listeners.  There is a phone number for those who do not use Skype. 

I will provide archives of all live shows and make them available through ITunes on your behalf.  You can't beat this.  The archives are a powerful tool to bring in more listeners and support for your message. Not only are your shows available in ITunes as free downloads, but together we create an archive/forum thread for you here on the station website AND your weekly broadcast will be replayed in our rebroadcast system for at least one week when we are not live.  No matter the day or time of day, there is always something great playing for our world wide listeners. 

 If you are on Facebook you will be added to a private group just for hosts where we share tips and encouragement with each other.  You will be provided a show page, with banner and other graphics to use to promote your broadcast.  You are also provided a forum where you can blog away to your heart's content and communicate with your listeners & provide links mentioned while on the air. 

Here's how we run the show.  At the start and every 30 minutes through the broadcast there will be a station ID break that promotes the station and an audio ad for your specific show.  Your show will also have it's own page here on the station website with your website information and contact information. We also provide each host one forum thread to share with your listeners & update topics, guests etc. 

Now, what am I looking for in a host? 

I am looking for people who are willing to stand up and be counted, those who are not afraid to Be the Difference they want for the world. 

Awakened Radio is all about people.  What is important to people?  Information on family, politics, UFO's, spiritual empowerment, protest groups, activism, politics, food, health, alternative health, gardening, cooking,self help, getting a job, new technology, earthquakes, HAARP; you get the idea.

People are interested in what you are passionate about.  Please note; Awakened Radio is a family radio show, so the language is PG.  That means no porn or anything your mama would send you to your room for or wash your mouth with soap over.  This will be enforced by me. My reason for this is simple, words are energy and violent words bring about violence.  This is not what Awakened Radio is about and will not be tolerated.  Passion is key to being an Awakened Radio host.  You must be excited about sharing your wisdom, teaching people and empowering people.  This is a great calling.. the way of the Way-Shower!  It must be like breathing to you to share what you know in a way that people can get to know you, to understand you and want to hear more.  Being honest, open and passionate is the key to successful radio shows.  I'll guide you through this process.  

Now that's out of the way.. anything that you want to talk about within those guidelines is perfect for the station.  You can talk about anything as long as the language is within the description outlined above.  

  Once you decide which day you want to do a show you pick a time slot and we are ready.  I will add your show to the schedule and get you set up.  NOTE: once you decide on a day and time slot, this is your time.  If you have to make changes they must be made while the host show page is being set up & before the custom banner is made.  After that  there is a charge for the changes. 

What Awakened Radio offers you that other radio station networks do not.  I don't just put you on the air.  I realize that for most of you it's the first time bringing your message to the world.  That's why I've created Awakened Radio Network as a teaching platform, for both hosts and listeners.  I provide each host an autographed copy of my book  "Transformation Messages Go FM Frequency.. Getting the Sales Without Struggle",  provide producing for the month of shows, guidance and help each step of the way.  You are also included in a bi-weekly Master Mind coaching group, added to a host support group on Facebook and provided occasional one on one talks with me to help you stay on track and grow.  You are taught how to use social media such and Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and others to build your brand and create a base of fans who not only listen and support your radio show but really want to work with you as a coach, teacher, healer or author off air. 

You will be guided as a public speaker and provided help and critique that always lifts you into a higher expression and included in any station meetings about changes I make to the station.  I will help you understand how to use your radio show as the best promotion for you and your personal business without be pushy or working yourself silly.  

You can pay the monthly fee or I will tell you how to get sponsors for your show so that they get a bit of on air promotion in exchange for their monthly contribution.  This is a better advertising deal that what I offer pure advertisers, as sponsors are personally endorsed by the hosts which gives a bit more word of mouth energy that helps listeners to trust the sponsor even more easily and quickly. 

If you sponsor your own show you will have 1 1/2 minutes of promo time on air which I will help you in creating to reach the widest audience.  I will also help you discover who your listeners really are so that while you are building up your listen fan base you are at the same time talking to the very same people who are interested in your book, coaching or healing work.  

After a few months on the air I will help you build a fan club base right here on the radio station website.  

Awakened Radio Network is a teaching platform network.  We start with the hosts and expand to our listeners.. giving everyone the tools for personal empowerment to provide for growth and success.  The learning and teaching never ends, once you decide to be an active part of the Awakened Radio Family and Network you go as far and as high as we do.  You are never alone, you are always supported.  I invite you to invest in your own personal empowerment, growth and do so by sharing your message, your passion with our global listeners.   You must also be willing to work together with others as a team, lifting the whole higher and higher.. understanding that when we lift everyone up.. we are lifted up.  We create together on Awakened Radio.. and it's a beautiful experience.  

NOTE: Our schedule is in Central Time Zone, adjust for where you live. 

 Email me for more information or add AwakenedRadio to Skype  All monthly donations are for one show per week per month.  No shows are intended as a commercial or advertisement for any business, product or service. 

NOTE; due to the large amount of time I put into creating your page, promoting your show, uploading your archives and producing.. I do not provide refunds.  While this may not seem fair to some, understand that I am not being paid by the hour for all the work I do running the station and helping you to get your show up and running. 

I advise you to consider the amount of effort, time and energy it takes to do a show weekly.  Start with a one hour show.  Get your sea legs, then move forward.   The charges for air time are an investment you are making with yourself, our family here and the Universe that you want to be part of something that changes the world.

Email me with any questions you may have before contributing to the station for air time.  If you are ready then click the PayPal button and we'll get you set up.  Once payment is received I'll email you to arrange a phone conversation to get all your information and get you on the schedule.