Congratulations!  You've taken your power back and make a life changing decision.

Here are your class materials.  Right click, save on to your computer.  Remember where you download them to as you will need to read through them to get ready for class. 

Don't share the links or the downloads.  These are copyrighted materials for you during the class.  You may store them and use them as often as you like, however sharing them with others in any way is a big no no.

Class will take place November 18th, click here for classroom.  Bookmark it and this page if you like.  I will be in the classroom 15 minutes before class starts.  We are live at 7 PM C on the dot so please be in place and ready to start on time.  A few hours after class is finished you will be able to come back here to download the audio. 

 Download your copy of How To Stay Motivated For Success below.  You will need Adobe Reader to open and read. 

You will also need a journal or notebook and pen.  Make these something special, that you set aside just for this class and to continue your journey through the book and exercise with.   Click HERE to visit the classroom.  Remember to bookmark.   If you subscribe to the newsletter I'll send you are reminder a few days before class with the website page.  

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