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Healing The Holidays

Posted by Donna Devane on Friday, November 30, 2012


Awakened Radio Network is delighted to host Healing The Holidays Saturday December 1 2012 
We have a fantastic line up of speakers for you.. check out the ornaments on the tree. LOL
Also for more information on each of our speakers visit the Event Page 

We kick of at 10:30 AM Central and go throughout the day.
The holidays don't have to be a time of depression and sadness, listen to the tips, insights and healing information our
guests share with you.
You can listen and chat with us at 

We understand if you can't stay all day.. in that case visit and download their free mobile app.  Then search for Awakened Radio.  Now you can listen to us wherever you go.

We appreciate your help in sharing this news with all your friends and social contacts.  Let's Celebrate.. and Heal the Holidays.

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