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Gerard Aartsen UFOs Here To Help

Posted by Donna Devane on Sunday, February 5, 2012 Under: Authors

 Sunday February 5th Donna interviews author Gerard Aartsen "Here To Help: UFOs And The Space Brothers"
Message from space; Life is One, so live as one... or perish!

Mankind is at a cross roads.  Do we continue down the road of war, poverty and dis-ease or do we heed the warning and begin creating a new earth?  A new way of Being?

Gerard uncovers what has been covered up about our "Space Brothers" and shares a message of hope and change with the reader.

Join in the chat room to hear this amazing message.

 Gerard Aartsen for "a show on Awakened Radio, author of "Here To Help: UFOs and the Space Brothers" (2011). Mr. Aartsen explains the reasons for the Space Brothers in coming to Earth. He also speaks about the early documented contacts with the space people beginning in the early 1950s, and their message, which can be summed up as "Life is One". 

Mr. Aartsen talks about how the peoples' movements we have seen around the world is the beginning of humanity’s awakening to its universal right to freedom, justice and peace, and further explains how sharing and the acceptance of Oneness will anchor these beckoning stars to reality.


Mr. Aartsen further points out why the UFO cover up exists and what governments and the military fear when it comes to full disclosure—an event that is closer than we think, as well as discussing the shape he believes disclosure will take.


We are left with great hope for the near future. Humanity will begin sharing the world’s resources, leading to the trust needed to relinquish war once and for all. This will allow the technology used by the Space Brothers to be safely shared with humanity, providing for all of our future energy needs, free to all people, and the basis of a revolutionary science based on light.


Gerard Aartsen is available for interviews from his home in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


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