Awakened Radio brings you awesome and interesting guests to discuss topics of interest to you.  I highlight subjects with a personal interview where you the listener can call in and talk with authors, teachers, healers on a large variety of topics. I am all about solutions to the issues experienced by each of us.  Whether it's energy healing & alternative health or political corruption & religious programming or spiritual awareness & your power to create or intuitive healing & tarot, dream work meaning.. Awakened Radio Network is the best online talk radio station with an active & loving online community. The station owner, Donna DeVane; The Barefoot Guru, is carrying the flag for " Being Who You Really Are" in all aspects of your life. I encourage living consciously, with awareness of your Divine Humanity.  Awakened Radio is the place to be for those Awakening to spiritual consciousness, global awareness of how we are creating & focused on fearless living through the empowerment of women, men & children everywhere. 

Got an idea for a great guest?  Send me the information.. contact name, number, website etc.  I'll contact them.

Do YOU Quantum Think? Interview with Dianne Collins

May 24, 2014

Talk about being tickled pink.. well I was when I met Dianne Collins best selling author of the amazing book, "Do You Quantum Think".  I knew as I was reading her book that we were "think twins" and being on air with her just made that totally obvious.  We had a great time talking for Two Hour!  about the amazing in formation in her book.  
This is a must hear interview and a must read book! 

Listen to or download the interview with Dianne Collins 


A New Way To Be Human with author Robert V. Taylor

August 5, 2013

Click HERE To Listen to the Interview
"Throughout the years I've admired Robert's compassionate ministry of God's love and hope and the integrity of his life and leadership over many decades. It is a joy to see that authenticity revealed in these pages... It is a humdinger of a book!"

–Desmond M. Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

A New Way to Be Human is an invaluable, relevant guide for the individual intent on transforming their life, revolutionizing our society, and polishing our world—for...
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Pleiadian Principles for Living Interview with Christine Day

July 21, 2013

July 26th, 2013 

A Guide to Accessing Dimensional Energies, Communicating With the Pleiadians, and Navigating These Changing Times




How can we live by Pleiadian principles and use them to assist us in our enlightenment process? This second major title channeled by Christine Day is a spiritual roadmap that will show you how to navigate through these challenging, changing times, to understand the roles presaged by our “Conscious Choice.”

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Secret History of the Reptilians Scotty Robers

May 10, 2013

May 10th 2013 I'm interviewing Scotty Roberts on his new book. 

The Pervasive Presence of the Serpent In Human History, Religion, and Alien Mythos



From the Serpent, Nawcash, in the Garden of Eden; Atum, the Egyptian snake-man; and Quetzalcotl, the feathered serpent god of the Mayans to the double-helix snake symbol of Enki/Ea in ancient Sumerian literature, the serpent has been the omnipresent link between humans and the gods in every culture. Sco...

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Cynthia McKinney

April 18, 2013

I am totally delighted to have Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney on the Awakened Radio airwaves as a guest on Wise Women Wise Hearts.  She spent almost an hour sharing her wisdom, courage and experiences with the listeners.  She also promised to join us again soon for a full two hours.  This woman inspires me to stand up & speak out, even if you are the only one doing so.  We can all learn a lot about living empowered lives by her example.  
I'll keep you updated on when she will be on Awakened ...
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Sale in the Awakened Store Save 25%

April 14, 2013

I don't know how long.. but for now there is a 25% off sale on Everything in the Awakened Store.  Get gemstone jewelry, dream catchers, stones, crystals, book, coaching.. all 25% off.  Your support helps the station & gets you a great deal on some awesome energy treasures.  
You'll notice I've been moving things around again.. you can help me out.. by helping me rehouse the store items.  They are looking for homes.. & I'm doing spring cleaning.. it's a win win for everyone.  

If you are lookin...

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Richard D. Moats interview on Ancient America

April 1, 2013
Tuesday April 2, 2013 I will be interviewing Richard D. Moats is an avocational Archaeologist and Archaeoastronomer. He has written many articles and lectures on pre-historic Native American artifacts and earthworks. He is retired from the USAF where he spent 25 years with extensive experience in aircraft accident and forensic investigation. He specializes in broad spectrum aerial and remote sensing image interpretation. He is a member of the Archaeological Society of Ohio and served many yea...

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The Healing Music of Catherine Rannus

March 7, 2013


 Wednesday March 6th I was joined by the talented Catherine Rannus from the UK.  She shared her music with us, even playing her flute live on the air three times.  If you haven't heard her music yet, I encourage you to do so.  Her website is here 
Click here to listen to the broadcast  Thank you Catherine for joining our Awakened Radio family & sharing the beauty of your music. 

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Stephan Redding Interview Jan 11th

January 10, 2013
Fourteen extraordinary, if not miraculous 
events, over 60 years, have given Stephen 
Redding a wondrous perception of who we 
are, why we are here, and the afterlife.
In these near-death experiences, he 
discovered different worlds and realities that 
few have explored. He affirms that we belong 
to those realms. He offers a new world view:
“Stay in life and remember who you are for 
there is intention and promise in your destination; a day with a beginning 
and not an end.”
His experien...

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Healing The Holidays

November 30, 2012


Awakened Radio Network is delighted to host Healing The Holidays Saturday December 1 2012 
We have a fantastic line up of speakers for you.. check out the ornaments on the tree. LOL
Also for more information on each of our speakers visit the Event Page 

We kick of at 10:30 AM Central and go throughout the day.
The holidays don't have to be a time of depression and sadness, listen to the tips, insights and healing information our
guests share with you.
You can listen and chat with us at www.Awakene...
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