Awakened Radio Host Special

 Hello and Thank You for being ready and willing to share your message with the world.  It's a big step for some to speak out and share your wisdom with the world.  It's also one of the most rewarding experiences you will create for yourself.  You are helping yourself to grow through your sharing & offering a light for others to remind them that they too, can transform their lives on a core level.

Awakened Radio is a very special place.  We are NOT a corporation or business.  You are not buying air time or hiring me to work for you.  You ARE agreeing to work with our family of hosts & listeners to lift all humanity to a Higher Level of Expression. 

I hope that before you click the PayPal donate buttons you  have read the FAQ on the Forum Page .  There is a great deal of information there about what we do and how we do it at Awakened Radio.  When we are all in agreement things work in harmony.  When things get into chaos someone has to make creative changes & I have had to do that a time or two.  (smile)

I don't offer "contracts" as we are NOT a business.  Awakened Radio is a dream for a new way of getting our messages to the world.  The station is built on the principles in my book How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset World.  Working together we achieve much more much more easily that working against each other.  My hope is that you will promote your radio broadcast all over the internet.  DO NOT use your broadcast as a means of gathering email addresses to market to.  This gives the station a bad reputation.  I suggest that you create a Facebook fan page using the name of your show.  Please don't direct people to a dead end, by which I mean.. getting them to a page to join a mailing list in order to find out how to listen to your show and join in the chat room.  Read the FAQs, and once you sign in to the forums and are a host, I have more detailed information on how to promote your broadcast while supporting the station. After setting you up as a host I will add you to a Facebook group where you will be able to interact with other hosts for support & fun.

What is YOUR MESSAGE?  It is more than what you have to sale... it's the energy behind how you came to be selling or coaching or doing healing work.  Remember that.  A message is NOT a product or service.  A message is Your Wisdom.. gathered through experience.  Now you are ready to share that with the world.  You may have a website or a book, or even a business and it's wonderful to share that information at the end of your broadcast.  As you build relationships with your listeners the will desire to work with you.  That's why I am firm on NO SELLING and calling it a radio show.  They are different energy. 

Please understand BEFORE clicking the Donate button of your choice that there are no refunds of donations if you change your mind.  Be sure this is what you want to do.  Read all the information on the Be A Host page and the Forum Page   If you have questions that are not answered in the forum FAQ please email Donna DeVane or add Awakened Radio to your Skype to arrange a phone conversation. 

Your monthly contribution for a one hour show each week for a whole month is $250.00.    You are expected to help promote the station & your own broadcast.  You will also agree to let people know that donations are appreciated.  We don't charge for our website, live shows or archives.. but donations & shopping in our online store pay the expenses.  

Note that the monthly contributions are subscription.  This means that once you set them up that amount will be transferred from your account on the same day each month unless you cancel the subscription with PayPal or your other form of finances.  You are beginning a wonderful journey.. I am thrilled to have you join our Awakened Radio Family. 

Use the Subscribe form below for a monthly one.  If you desire to go ahead with a six month or yearly show use the button on that specific area. 

Please read all the information on this page and the Be A Host page.

Also there is more information about hosting a show on the forum.  After reading those if you still have questions, add Awakened Radio to your Skype so we can arrange a phone conversation. 

One Hour Show    $250.00 Monthly

One hour of air time a week.  This is perfect for the beginner radio show host.  It lets you get your feet wet while learning the ropes and building your listener base.

You are agreeing to a one hour time slot on the same day same time once a week.  This is live talk radio.  It is NOT a sales pitch or webinar.  If you can not host due to sickness, holiday, etc our rebroadcast will play.  I do not reproduce shows. If you don't host I have the day off for that hour too. :)

You are agreeing to pay $250.00 monthly on the same day each month automatically. 

Use Subscribe button for this choice. 

 Please subscribe to Host Newsletter at time of contribution. Thank you

Hosting a weekly radio show is a work of love.  It takes time and effort on your part.  Remember we are LIVE talk radio.  I do not broadcast pre recorded podcasts.  We are not a podcast kinda place. 

 We are live radio.  I show up to produce hosts who show up to share. 

If you are on Facebook & friend me, Donna DeVane I will add you to a private, host on, group to share with the rest of the family. 

Refer to the FAQ sections on the Forums often.  Look around the whole website.  I have written many tips that will help you to have fun and offer a tremendous gift to the listeners.   Major US holdays the station plays music or rebroadcasts shows already aired so that all may enjoy the holidays with family. 

After getting your contribution I will need a picture, show name and description.  Also include a URL to a website, Fanpage, etc.  This is be used to create a host page for you.  Your host page will include a banner just for your broadcast.  I will also create and make available to you promotion graphics that you may use to invite people to join you in the chat room during your broadcast.  

In the event you decide after a month or two that it's just not for you.. come back here to cancel your monthly subscription.  At the time you cancel, your show will no longer be on the schedule, on the air and your show page & forum thread will be deleted.