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What if we Celebrate rather than Fear?

Posted by Donna Devane on Sunday, October 27, 2013 Under: Bio Technology

What if we all just started celebrating all the great wonderful beautiful awesome stuff all around us? I know I should have put commas there.. I didn't on purpose.  What if those words strung together are what we could use and experience as our lives?
Is there a reason to fear all the technology in use today?  Of course.. just like a stick it could be used to harm.  But like a stick it could also be used to help others. 
For this purpose Awakened Radio has begun a new forum to discover all those great things and great people all around us. 
Rather than using weather as a weapon, we could use it to help us grow food for more people.  Wireless could be used to connect the whole world, not just to spy on people. 
There is more technology behind the scenes.. and perhaps.. just maybe, it's time for us to all rise up and use it wisely and insist that this be it's only use. 
Military is  made of human beings.  There are quite a few humans on this planet.  Think about it. 

In : Bio Technology 

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