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Travesty of Justice Zimmerman Lynched by Political Powers

Posted by Donna Devane on Saturday, July 20, 2013 Under: NWO Manipulation
Have we gotten to the point as Humans, Americans, that we can easily be led to mob justice and anger?  Perhaps so for many of us.  During the whole Zimmerman / Trayvon fiasco I tried to stay out of the many conclusions that others were making.  While I do realize that our court system of laws does not always work,  I know it's the best option we have for finding out what indeed really did happen as both sides get to bring evidence to the jurors and the public about what actually happened prior to the event that resulted in the charge, arrest and trial.  While it's not perfect, it's the best we have.. so let's allow the process.  Many Americans were satisfied with this though.  Rather than got hooked into the hype about "poor little angel Trayvon" and "mad racist Zimmerman".  Without know hardly anything about what had happened, without even bothering to find out the facts leading up to the shooting,  they took the bait and once again were "reactionists", you know, those people who believe whatever they are told whether it makes sense or not.   
I wanted to wait till the anger quieted down a bit to speak my mind, actually I was hoping people would smart up and get over the emotion to head over to asking what really happened. 

Sadly, for many that didn't happen.  It wasn't suppose to happen that way.  It was intended from the start to be used as a political tool to separate and divide us so that we could not, would not, come to terms with what was really going on in our country and our world. The main trick of the "powers that be" "Bilderbergers" "Controllers" is and always has been divide and conquer.  It's a time tested way to maintain total control over the masses.  As long as we are infighting we will not, can not see, how things are being manipulated against us.  We either fight against each other or hide our heads under our armpits declaring it "don't stink there".  

Well, I guess it's about time I speak up on this.  WAKE UP PEOPLE... All people.. wake up.  Get some facts.  Move out of your anger, your pre-set mindsets, your programming and take a good long hard look at how you are being used to be fodder for the fire of the NWO.  That's right.  You are being used, played.. and you are not even aware of it as you argue with me and call me names for wanting to know the whole truth.  
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