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The Flip Side of Donna's Views on News

Posted by Donna Devane on Monday, July 22, 2013 Under: The Flip Side
There are always two sides to every coin and to every situation.  We can continue to fear, run from, hide, deny, fight and wrestle with all the things we've created OR and it's a BIG OR... we can go to the flip side.  The flip side is the opposite of what we have already thought, felt, done into for .. it's those experiences we don't like one bit.. changed by us into the experience of what we do want. 

We've all been trained, brainwashed into the unconscious believers of lack, poverty, hatred, racism and powerlessness that we keep creating with and thus creating more of.  Do you ever notice how when you are angry or afraid you seem to be surrounded by the very type of things that led to your fear or anger to start with?  Why is this?  It's YOU as Creator creating.  You do it, I do it, we all do it.  We can't even stop doing it.  But we can do it with awareness.  Through awareness we can stop fearing and start bringing thought into the form we really desire experiencing. 

Why do I talk about the news and world events and poverty and war?  I am observing it and at the same time I'm seeing the "flip side".  Each unwanted brings with it the possibility, the reminder of the other side of itself.  My intention for this show is to guide us through the valley of fear and mind control, into the light where we see what and how we create and make different choices.. for the Flip Side.. 

I love you,

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