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Stop Creating with Emotions Remember Who You Are

Posted by Donna Devane on Sunday, October 20, 2013 Under: NWO Manipulation

Even now humanity creates through emotions, as though this were how we are "supposed" to do it.  We are taught from childhood to react to what has already been created and try to change what's already in form.  What if there is a better way than reacting and using emotions to bring about new experiences?  What if I could teach you this way?  Would you be interested in knowing and practicing?

While the world is focused on emotions such as fear, anger, worry, hope, and love.. nothing new is created.  We are not creating as True Creators.. rather we are using the emotions to bring forth reactions that what already is.  When I talk about going within to create.. I am giving you insights and hints into remembering who you are and how to do it. 

I've promised a swim in the deep end of the pond.. and that's where we are headed.  Join me for my radio broadcasts for new exercises, games and ideas in how to Be the Master You really are. 

In : NWO Manipulation 

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