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Should the Hungry be left to Die in the streets?

Posted by Donna Devane on Wednesday, August 7, 2013 Under: The Flip Side
We need to have a conversation.  Although I've brought this up on the air many times, we still have more to talk about.  What should we do about the ever growing number of hungry, jobless, homeless people in America, in the world?  Should they be left to die in the streets? 
 There's a big Stink being made about a Congressman's comments on this, and while I neither agree nor disagree with his statements, it does bring to mind that we really do NEED to have this discussion.  As more and more go on "government assistance" our grandchildren are being left to pay the debt.  Rather than focusing on new jobs for those who are poor, we are fussing about who gets help and who doesn't.  Personally I am appalled at the number of people able to work who get disability.  I even know a few of these folks.  They worked right up until they got approved for a check.  

What if the reason we are not solving these problems is because these problems are intentional?  How better to control a population than to have them dependent for housing, food, water, health care and money?

Listen to Congressman  Republican Rep. Ted Yoho

Join me on Donna's Views on News, the Flip Side Sunday 7 PM Central to have this conversation.  Perhaps we can figure out some options to hunger, homelessness, and joblessness while empowering people to take their power back. 

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