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Political Correctness?

Posted by Donna Devane on Thursday, January 9, 2014 Under: Crimes against Families

A big fuss has popped up about this video.  Seems some people are more upset that the police put it on their website than the family encouraging the young child to say these things and posting it online themselves. 
One thing that really surprises me with the video above is the blank out the "n" word but not the other cuss words.  What do you think?  Is this racists?  Or is it a sad story of what happens in some households?  
I don't think it's just in the black families that this happens either.  I've heard people of all colors talking horribly to their children in public.  What is behind this?  Where is all the anger and ugly coming from?

I think that's the most important issue here.  Where is all this anger stemming from?  Do we really want a society where some are so frustrated that anger is the only option they feel will keep them alive?  What do you think?  Want to talk about it? Join me on the air. 

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