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Man & Machine? Trans-humanism next step in Evolution?

Posted by Donna Devane on Saturday, July 20, 2013 Under: Trans-Humanism

Would you?  If you were sick, old or dying, would you agree to a new body?  A merging of man / woman and machine?  How about a new biological body made just for you, would you say yes to that?  Is this the next step in human evolution?
To be honest as I stood looking at a family member laying in his coffin at 80 years of life.. I give a bit more thought to the idea of eternal life in a body that either doesn't wear out or can be replaced with one to suit me.  Imagine being hundreds of years old with a body like Marilyn Monroe.. that's a great thought. 

Human kind has gone through many revolutions and now perhaps it's time for us to use our technology to do something other than kill with great ease.  Perhaps we can reshape life in a way that just makes better sense than coming into and going out in a messy diaper.  

Thinking back a few years ago when my daughter died in a car wreck,  I can't help to ponder the possibility of her still being with us in a back up body created just for that purpose.  Perhaps we can be linked with our alternate bodies so that upon harm to the one our consciousness is currently controlling we just jump into the next one.  

For some reading this you might be a bit shocked by my statements.  I understand.  If you believe that you are the body then it's a bit weird to think about these possibilities.  But what if.. just what if.. the body is a biological machine or tool, similar to your computer or smart phone that serves the purpose of being controlled and activated purely by consciousness?  

I came into this life knowing that the body was not the who I am part of me, and over the years I know that even more deeply.  Yes, Donna is considering this as an option for long life with these memories that I've gathered.  Starting all over again in a diaper is a bit old school don't you think? 

I'd love to have your feedback on this.. Leave me a comment here or join me on my live radio broadcast.  

Here is a wonderfully done long article on this.  
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