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If you are homeless you are breaking the law

Posted by Donna Devane on Sunday, August 25, 2013 Under: War Against Humanity

It's hard to accept, but homelessness is becoming a problem throughout the United States.  Thousands of people without jobs or homes are wandering about cities, unclean, unfed and unwanted.  It bothers people to constantly walk by someone who is dirty, poorly clothed, hungry and needed.  People don't like being asked for money that they worked hard to get. 

Now some cities are passing laws to solve the problem.  Columbia, South Carolina, the Columbia City Council announced last week that it would do everything in its power to ban homeless people from entering the downtown area. They have created a workable plan to rehouse the homeless and keep them off the streets downtown where business owners and shoppers were complaining about the band of homeless people sleeping on benches, hanging out in door ways and causing a disturbance by their presence. 
Housing is being made available with charities in the area helping to feed and clothe.  They are not being allowed back into the downtown areas.  Those homeless caught for loitering are given a choice; jail or the relocation facility.  
There is no denying that we have a problem here in America with homelessness and joblessness.  We also have problems with drugs, drunkards, muggers and killers.  The list of problems is long and seems to be growing daily.  What is short in supply is a set of solutions that is fair for everyone.  I have great concern for those without jobs and homes,  I also support those who work long hours who are taxed to take care of people who do not work.  It's a cycle that seems to turn on itself.  Who do we help?  How do we help?  Building housing for the homeless and jobless costs the working man and woman too.  Perhaps we need to be looking in the direction of JOBS for an answer.  Without jobs people can't get off the streets and while living on the street it's unlikely that they will be hired.  
One idea I'd like to see tried is to create an organic growing and living community where homeless, jobless people can be housed in basic housing which they work for on the farm.  Getting back to basics seems a good place to start.  Handouts don't generally work for very long term.  At best the deny people their dignity and cause total dependence on the "system", leading to the death of their dreams, gifts and talents coming forth to be used to create a better world. 
To read the S. Carolina Emergency Responsce information on this topic click HERE

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