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Homeless Can't Even Sleep on the Street

Posted by Donna Devane on Monday, June 9, 2014 Under: Man Made Chaos
Seems the homeless are really NOT wanted in England and France as spikes begin popping up to make sure people can't sleep in doorways and under bridges.  A posh London neighborhood got fitted for these anti-homeless spikes to make sure the streets were not filled with people who had no where else to go.  Of course there is some outrage but let's get honest here.  You may feel shocked that this is happening somewhere else but do you want homeless people with shopping carts filled with stuff hanging around YOUR front door?  That changes it somewhat doesn't it?  

Honestly I have care for those who are homeless and accept that perhaps we could create more shelters for those who do not work, especially families who have been evicted and have no where else to go.  But in the end just housing people is not the answer to homelessness.  What is the root of it?  I have a friend who works with the homeless in a town nearby  and he has told me that most of the "street people" they work with through his church don't want homes, jobs and the strings that go with all that.  They have decided to be homeless.  Now I realize this doesn't apply to everyone on the street.  Just like those of us in houses everyone has a story.  This is why one answer will not fit everyone. 

We have an opportunity to find new ways to deal with and help those who wish to be helped.  I don't think sleeping in doorways is the answer.  What do you think?  Does the right of someone who works and is housed get to make decisions about who can sleep in their streets or do we just open the gates and let people live wherever they wish?  Can we open up wild areas for people to hunt, gather and live as they please?  What solutions do you think will work? 

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