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Government Shut Down Economic Distress & Other Mess

Posted by Donna Devane on Sunday, October 6, 2013 Under: The Flip Side

What does it all mean? With the shut down.. ha ha of the government and all the talk about the economy, wars, and other mess.. how are you feeling?  Are you taking this personally and tapping into the Fear Machine or are you seeing it as an opportunity to create life your way?
Change is all about opportunity.  It's about perspective.  What does it Mean TO You?  That's the most important thing.  It's meaning for you.. You have the choice of either going along with the energy of others or seeing a chance to change your own life and create brand new experiences 

Listen in for a few insights into the game being played and how YOU can play a different game that works better for you own live.  Tonight I'll Flip the ideas around so that you are the winner in your own life. 

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