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GMO Geo Engineering Mind Control Corruption Agenda 21 Donna DeVane

Posted by Donna Devane on Sunday, August 11, 2013 Under: Bio Technology

What in the world is going on?  You just have to ask that over and over again.  Evolution is being forced upon all life on this planet.  That's a BIG Statement, but it's true.  Our whole planet, water, air, soil, food, even our bodies are changing.  It's not all due to bombing with DU & DP either.  GMO is changing not just plants but animals and humans.  Our genes are changing.  

It's not just my opinion either.  There is research proving that all the poisons in our environment are changing us and not in good ways either.  Dis-ease is on the rise, with new ones showing up all the time.  The weeds and viruses and insects are mutating to continue living.  See, this is really what evolution is all about.. survival.  When the environment changes life forms must change too or they cease to exist. 

This is a good thing up till now.  With the introduction of gene splicing mad scientists and power hungry politicians we are seeing food & medicine used as weapons against us.  Both make life sick, animals, plants and humans are sickening and dying due to fracking, oil spills, GMO non food, toxins in our air and water.  It is a problem that must be stopped or in a short period of time life will look very unreal to us.  In the next 30 years I feel that many life forms will no longer exist on this planet and many new forms will appear.  Humans are on this list.  

We are already seeing new diseases faster than they can be named, animals are dying in mass wash ups on shores or dropping dead from the skies above us.  Humans are being sickened with sores, rashes, allergies to the very food needed for survival.  What is all this?  It's Control.  Agenda 21 is HERE NOW.  This is intentional.  It's not due to our driving cars and living life.  It's a plan to control all life on the planet.  Read all about it.   I have made the Agenda 21 document available right here on the website.  Download it, print it out, read it for yourself. 

If Big Pharma and chemical corporations were not doing this intentionally they would STOP DOING IT!  Not only are they not ceasing, they are gearing up for more.  EPA raises the limits of toxins we can be subjected to allowing more chemicals in our air, food, water & "medicines".  For those who don't know the harmful affects of GMO and Round Up Read this Article by Dr. Mercola
8/11/13 Forced Evolution broadcast on this information 

In : Bio Technology 

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