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Fracking Kills Cattle What is it Doing to Humans?

Posted by Donna Devane on Saturday, August 10, 2013 Under: War Against Humanity

I'm hosted many shows on the horrors of fracking.  Now it seems there is a bit more information getting out about the dangers of this horrible practice that keeps us dependent on the gas / oil big boys.  Cows are dying, getting sick & these sick cows are showing up on your table as hamburgers, steaks & roast beef. '

As more of us start asking what's in our food, how was it grown and where did it come from, the Big Oil Folks are scrambling to hide the horrors of fracking.  We've all heard from people living around fracking pads who tell of sores, breathing problems and rashes.  Now cows are dropping dead.  Truth be told cows are not the only food animals affected either.  Any food product, animal or plant, raised in the environment of toxins is breathing in and ingesting the poisons, most of which stay inside the body all the way to the kitchen table.  

Only in America are their laws protecting big business rather than the people.  I'm not saying corporations don't take advantage in other countries, they definitely  do, however I find it almost humorous that in the Land of the Free Home of the Brave we can't even know what's in our food.  As country after country turns away the GMO and other tainted food, it's still on the shelves in markets here and government is determined to protect their interests rather than ours. 

It's time to put more pressure on to stop this "war against humanity". Ask your grocer where the food comes from.  Read labels.  Stop buying processed food as much as you possibly can.  Stay away from drive through burger joints.  As more of us move away from supporting toxins in our food the more likely it becomes that farmers and store owners will get the message.  

Get involved in your community too.  Go to town hall meetings, join activist groups.  Educate your friends, family & neighbors.  Together we can turn this around.  Corporations need our money to keep poisoning us. Take the money away and they just might get the message. 

For a great article on fracking Click Here.   Article by "The Food & Environment Reporting Network is the first and only independent, non-profit news organization that produces investigative journalism in the critically underreported areas of food, agriculture, and environmental health. Through partnerships with local and national mainstream media outlets, we seek to tell stories that will inspire, inform, and have lasting impact. - See more at:"

In : War Against Humanity 

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